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In today's world of cut-throat competition, one often tries hard to stay ahead of others, be different and unique than others. Employment has become a key issue of concern for all economies in the world. There are approximately 1 million people looking out for jobs, and there are only a few thousands available. So the key differentiator for you is - have accurate details of the opportunities and have them BEFORE TIME.

The latter is the most important point which will decide whether you get the job. Having access to the accurate information before others would ensure that your chances of winning are much more than others. And that's where www.now-hiring.ca makes its difference! This site lists down all the fresh, hot opportunities in Canada and other countries, daily. These openings are not only limited to Information Technology, but also to distant fields like Nursing, Hospitality, Housekeeping, etc. Also, there are part-time openings, summer jobs for students, Housekeeping, Trade jobs, Health services, Accounting, Beauty, Casino, Childcare, Dental, Fitness, Grocery, Hair styling, Transportation, Wedding, and many more! Phew... which other site has this type of opportunities under one roof?!

One can search for a job of one's interest as per category / location / type of job. There are separate sections for Employers and Jobseekers. Hot jobs in each category are listed separately to give you a glance of what opportunities are available. There are client testimonials also, to prove credibility of this site. However, in my opinion, this site looks cluttered with a lot of unnecessary information, like testimonials and too many advertisements. Also, there are graphical and audio effects (for Search Jobs, Employers buttons and Menus on the top), which make this site look a little unprofessional. The space can be better utilized with proper arrangement of sections. However, this site ranks poor on search listing for information technology jobs.

Overall, this site is a great resource every job aspirant must have access to. With a little restructuring, this site will definitely be liked by all jobseekers.
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