2008 is getting started! Check out new auto insurance tips...

New Year is always a new beginning: new plans, new dreams, new opportunities. Maybe this year you'll get promoted or find a good friend, quit smoking or start snowboarding. The key point is that it is the right time to begin achieving your goals. A good start will be to obtain control over your financial situation. Wise money spending is a key to family financial safety and stability. Auto insurance premium is an inevitable part of your annual budget. Here are the best 2008 tips to reduce the car insurance premium.
  • Be well posted on auto insurance: compare rates and get quotes every six months
    Insurance companies are constantly updating their policy offers and always have something new to attract customers. Be up-to-date in the industry. Got the policy in January, 2008? It’ll be right to check the situation in July again. According to contemporary statistics, if you get quotes, compare rates and choose the most suitable offer, you can save up to $300 on a 6-month car insurance policy.
  • The Higher Deductibles – The Better
    This is simple: want to reduce the premium – try to increase the deductible. The longer no-accident driving record you have – the lower premium you’ll have to pay.
  • Do not split the premium
    If you prefer paying less but monthly instead of one big investment, be ready to spend some extra money on commission. A $7 monthly fee sums into $84 a year. Decided to save? Do it!
  • Discounts are your choice
    There are different discount offers and to find a good one you should be aware of them. Some insurers give bonuses to Internet customers, so look for online quotes and get the policy via Internet. Other option is a multi-line insurance policy – the situation when you purchase both auto and
    home insurances from one company. You can save up to 15 per cent on each deal.
  • Be attentive and careful on the road
    First of all such habit will keep you from accidents and make your life longer and happier. Second of all, it will cut your premium. Accident free driving is encouraged by most companies.
  • Tickets cause extra spending
    Insurance companies appreciate customers by different criteria, and the number of moving violations is an important one. With many tickets, your premium can jump really high. But If you disagree with the rate you’ve been given – be persistent and search for another insurer and find your policy
  • Got a safe car? Save with it!
    Most insurers give discounts to the safety car owners. So if your car is fully packed with modern safety devices, do not to mention it in your insurance form. Most likely you’ll get a discount.
  • Customize your policy
    The more personal your policy is – the better. Do not pay for extra coverage. Think through your driving habit and try to eliminate needles points of your auto insurance policy.
  • More discounts
    Ask for Senior discount if you are over 50 and have an excellent driving record. Also, do look for discounts for “Good Students” – special bonuses for those with good grades. Conscientious drivers are always appreciated.
  • Don’t pay while not driving
    If you do not use the car that often and have a low annual mileage, why should you pay the whole sum? There are “pay-per-mile” policies and other offers for those, who drive occasionally.
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